Thursday, November 19, 2009

All Posts Are Updated and Moved

Here you will find the index of articles posted on my main site site. Due to my previous host suspending my account with notice for high bandwidth and cpu usage, I lost most articles as the backups were corrupt. I am in the process of replacing them by working through SQL and php files to recover what I can. If you click the link below to go to the Homepage and then click the A - Z Index, you will find articles that have been replaced along with a few new additions.

These links will take you directly to the page - Click here for the HomePage

Most articles have links to FREE software downloads and tutorials where applicable.

50 Ways to Take Back Control of Your Personal Data - External Link

AdAware Anniversary Edition Free

AdAware2007 – Tutorial

AdAware2008 from Lavasoft Plus Tutorial

Ad-Aware 2009 from Lavasoft

Adobe Reader / Acrobat Vulnerability

Advanced PC Tweaker - Bad News

Advanced System Care from IOBit - July 2009

Advanced Windows Care from IoBit – March 2008

Anti-Rootkit from Panda – Freeware

AntiVirus Pro and Hijack Malware Removal

Anti Virus Test Program – EICAR Test File

Anti-Virus-1 Targets Ads and Adobe Flash

A-Squared Free plus Tutorial - July 2008

A-Squared 4.5 Free - Updated October 2009

Auslogics Disk Defrag – Free Software

Auslogics Free Registry Cleaner & Registry Defrag

Autorun .inf Removal

Avast Anti-Virus Free Home Edition

Avast Anti-Virus Configuration and Scanning

AVG Anti-Rootkit Free

AVG Anti-Spyware Discontinued – Now part of AVG V8

AVG Anti-Virus V7.5 Installation Guide

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 8.0.1

AVG Anti-Virus V8.0.1 Installation and Setup

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 8.0.1 Reliability

AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition V9

AVG Scheduled Scanning

AVG Update Failed – Invalid Update Control CTF File

AVG Update Problems

Backup Your System With XXClone

Basic Computer Security

Biggest Security Threat – Scareware

BitDefender Anti-Virus Free Edition

BlockDelete for MSN – More Bad News

Bloghology – March Issue, Free Download

Bloghology – April Issue, Free Download

Bloghology – May Issue, Free Download

Botnets – Are You One?

Browser Cache Size and using CCleaner

Browser Exploit Prevention - NoScript for Firefox and LinkScanner Lite

CCleaner – Erase your browsing history safely

Clipperz Online Password Manager

Clipperz Password manager – Updated

Clearing Your Browsers Cache

CloudBerry Twitter – Free Add-on

Common Blue Screen Errors and Their Meanings

Comodo Free Firewall

Conficker C – Update April 1st 2009

Conficker C – Update 2 April 2nd 2009

Conficker C: Update 3 April 3rd 2009

Conficker C: Update April 9

Conficker C – D-Day Is Coming

Conficker – Downadup Removal

Conficker Removal Tool – Free

Contact Me here


Cybercriminals Increase Phishing Attacks

Defraggler – Portable Defrag Tool

Desktop Smiley Removal

Direct X Errors and Fixes

Disable USB Autorun

Drivers Backup For Windows

DriverMax 5.1 – Free Driver Updates – Updated August 2009

Driver Updates – Free - November 2008

Dumb Things You Can Do To Ruin Your PC

Duplicate File Finder

Easeus Partition Manager – Free

EasyCrypto – Simple and Safe File Encryption

Ecard Virus / Postcard Alert

eCard Virus Removal

EICAR Test File – Test Your AntiVirus

Email Dangers - August 2007

Email Danger – Free Web Tools

Encryption and Making Your System Secure

Epidemic of Fake Anti-malware Products Threaten Internet Users

Eusing Free Registry Cleaner

Facebook Virus email zip file

Fake AntiVirus Scanners Part 1 – How They Operate

Fake AntiVirus Programs Part 2 – Using Malwarebytes Antimalware

Fake AntiVirus Programs Part 3 – Using Superantispyware

Fake Antivirus Programs Part 4 – Using Spyware Doctor Starter edition V6

Fake AntiVirus Programs Part 5 – Using Spybot S&D

Fake Antivirus Removal

Fake Microsoft ‘Conflicker.B’ Infection Alert

Fake Site Exposed - PC Doc Pro

Fighting Off Viruses

Fighting Spam

FileHippo Update Checker

File Shredders for Security

File Shredder Tutorial

Firefox: 50 Add-Ons to Achieve Private and Secure Web Surfing – External link

Firewall Test – ShieldsUp

Flash Cookies and Privacy

Free Firewalls

Online Armor
PC Tools Firewall Plus

Free Fixer for Windows - September 2007

FreeFixer For Windows – Updated October 2009

Free PC Security Test

Free PC Tune Up Updated Link Below

Free PC Tune-up with PCPitsop Overdrive

Free Registry Cleaner

GigaTribe – Safe P2P File Sharing

Giveaway of the Day

Guidelines For Dealing With EXE Errors

Guidelines For Solving PC Application Errors

Have You Received A Postcard/eCard?

HostsXpert and Host Files

HostsXpert & HostsMan

HottieStar Removal

Infected PC Won’t Boot?

Instant Messengers – Reducing The Risks

IE7Pro For Internet Explorer 7 and V8

Internet Explorer Pre-Release Information

Internet Explorer Zero Day Threat

IOBit Advanced Windows Care Personal V2.7

IOBit Security 360 – Beta

IOBit Security 360 – Updated September 2009

IOBit Smart Defrag

IOBit Smart Defrag – Updated Version

Job Scams – What You Really Need To Know

KeePass – Free Password Security

Keyloggers – What Are They?

KeyScrambler – Defeat Keyloggers

Layered Security

Layered Security Part 2

LinkScanner Lite

Lavasoft Ad-Aware 2007 Free Edition

Lavasoft Ad-Aware 2009

List of Malicious Sites / Rogue Software

List of Malicious Sites / Rogue Software Updated

Mac’s Attacked With Pirated Software

Mac Antivirus and Antimalware – Free Programs

Macrium Reflect - Free Disk Imaging Backup

Malicious Sites – Listed Alphabetically

0-9 | A | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z |

Malware Creators Use Hosts File

Malware Redirects Browsers

Malware Removal

Malware – The Growing Enemy

Malwarebytes AntiMalware

MeetYourMessenger – Bad News!

Microsoft Security Essentials – Beta

Microsoft Security Essentials V1 – Free

Microsoft Update Fake Emails

Microsoft’s October Security Updates Go Large

Microsoft Update Problems

More eMail Dangers - November 2008

MRU Blaster

MSN Messenger Spreads Viral Attack Through Users

MSN Virus Cleaner

Network Cables - External link

Network Magic

New Attack on MS Word

Norman Malware Cleaner

Ode To Computer Spellcheckers

Online Armor Free Firewall V3.5 - July 2009

Online Armor Free Firewall Plus Installation Tutorial – June 2008

Open DNS

Orbasoft – Dangerous Application

Panda Anti-Rootkit

Panda Cloud Antivirus – Beta

Paragon Drive Backup – Free

Partition A New Hard Drive

P2P Networks Infected With Downloader-UA


PC Tools Firewall Plus V5 – Free

Phishing for Your Identity

PHORM – Invading Your Privacy

Portable Tools

A-Squared 4.5 Free

Auslogics Disk Defrag

CCleaner Slim

Dr.Web CureIt

HostsXpert and HostsMan – Browser Redirects

Keepass Password Security

Norman Malware Cleaner

Q-Dir File Manager

Revo Uninstaller


Potential Threats of VoiP

Privacy & Disclosure Policy

Protect Your PC & Your Privacy Online

Protect Yourself from ID Theft

Q-Dir File Manager

Reciprocal Review Carousel – More Viral Linking

Reciprocal Review Carousel – Web 2.0 Viral Linking

Recuva – Restore Deleted Files

RegCure vs CCleaner and OneCare

Registry Defrag Tool

Registry Mighty – How To Ruin Your PC

Registry Protector

Remove AntiVirus Pro and Hijacking Malware

Remove Crapware From Your PC

Removing Malicious Anti-Malware Applications

Rename EXE Files To Unblock Security Programs

Revo Uninstaller – Free Software

Revo Uninstaller Free – Updated November 2009

RoboForm Password Manager

Rogue Applications

Rogue Programs – Updated regularly

Rogueware Sold Through Clickbank

Rootkits, Malware and Registry Protection

Rootkit Remover

Safeguard Your Identity Online and Off

Safety Keeper Removal

Sandboxed Malware – 100% Safe Surfing

Sandboxie – Ultimate Malware Protection

Save XP or Death of XP?

Scareware becomes Ransomware

Scareware On The Increase

SecureZIP Version 11 Free

Secunia Personal Software Inspector October 2007

Secunia Personal Software Inspector Updated February 2009

Securing Firefox

Securing Mac Computers

Securing WinXP

Securing Your Browser

Securing Your System

Securing Your Wireless Network

Security Software – The Truth

Simple Tips for Safe Computing

Skype Targeted With Worm

SmitFraudFix, Zlob Removal and VundoFix

Social Networking and Safety

Social Networks Targeted With Trojan

Spybot S&D updated October 2008

Spyware Blaster 3.5

SpywareBlaster 4.2 - Added April 2009

Spyware Cleaner 2009 – Fake Application

Spyware Doctor Starter Edition V6

SpywareGuard 2.2

Spyware -What It Is and What It Does

Steps To Prevent Computer Freezes

Stylish Profile and Search13 Removal


SUPERantispyware Tutorial

Surf Faster, Safer and Smarter with OpenDNS

Surfing the Web Anonymously

System Security and Other Malware Removal

Task Manager Fix

TDSS, TDSServ and Other Rootkit Removal – August 2009

TDSS Removal – Updated September 2009

Ten XP Services to Turn Off

The Schmooze Award

Thinking Blogger Award

ThreatFire – Realtime Security Monitoring - January 2008

Threatfire Security Monitor - Updated May 2009

Total Security Removal

Trojan and Worm Remover

Trojan Horse – Greek Myth or Computer Nemesis?

Troubleshoot WinXP Boot Problems

Undelete Plus Free Software

UPS Email Infected With Trojan

UPS email zip file – updated November 2009

URL Shortening Service Causes Debate

Using Lavasoft AdAware 2007 – Tutorial Included

Valentine’s Day eCards Will You Be A Victim?

Verify Your Blog On MyBlogLog

Viral Reciprocal Review Carousel – Rebirth

Virus Alert

Virus Melt – More Bad News

Virus Protection from AVG – Tutorial Included

Virus Removal Tools from AVG

Virus Removal Tools from BitDefender Plus Free Online Scanner

VoIP – The Potential Threats

Vundo Fix

Web of Trust Community Trust Certificate

Web of Trust – Founder of MySQL Joins Board of Directors

Web of Trust Is Your Community

Web of Trust Publicity Award 2008

Web of Trust ScamBuster Award 2008

Web of Trust Under Attack

What is a Rootkit?

Who Blocked You On MSN

Who Knows What About You?

Windows Protection Suite Removal

Windows Steady State

Windows Updates and Zone Alarm Problems

Wireless Networking Magic

Windows Vista: Turn Off Hibernation and Recover Drive Space

WinPatrol 2007 Freeware Protection

WinPatrol 2009 – Free, PLUS and Portable Versions

WinPatrol 2010

WordPress Security

WOT – Against Intuition

WOT Extends Email Protection

WOT (Web of Trust) Release Version 3.5

XPAntiVirus2008/2009/AntiVirus Removal

XXClone – Free Backup Utility

Zamzar Free File Converter

Zlob Removal

ZoneAlarm Free Firewall - Updated June 2009

Zone Alarm Free Firewall

Zone Alarm Free Firewall - Installation Guide

Zone Alarm Setup – Video Tutorial

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

PCPitstop Overdrive - Free PC Tune-up

PCPitstop have changed the format of the Free PC Tune-up. It is now even easier to use and is a great one-stop site to visit and test your machines health, configuration and performance.

The tests only take a few minutes and are 100% safe. You will be prompted to install the PC Pitstop Utility which you must accept to carry out the tests after which you will again have the opportunity to create an account which can be useful for comparison when used again.

Full details Click Here

UPS Email Infected - High Risk Threat

There is an email apparently from UPS going around with an attachment: which contains the Win32:Zbot Trojan.

Email reads:

‘Unfortunately we were not able to deliver postal package you sent on July (date varies) in time because the recipient’s address is not correct.
Please print out the invoice copy attached and collect the package at our office

Your UPS’

The invoice ‘copy’ is in a .zip file. Please do NOT open this attachment as you will be infected with the Zbot Trojan. If you receive one of these emails simply delete it.

Full details and free removal tools Click Here

Try Clipperz Password Manager

Clipperz is an online password manager where you have total control. You access it through a Master Password (Passphrase) that YOU create, should you forget it then you have a real problem as you are the only one who knows it, it isn’t stored which also means that it cannot be retrieved.

All the information that you enter into the browser window is fully encrypted and secure. Also, this is the first web-based application that has no knowledge of the users or their data.

Full details Click Here

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Defrag With Defraggler

Many defragmenting programs you have to defrag the whole drive, but with this one you have the power to defrag specific files or folders as well as the complete hard drive if you want to.

Being small and compact it will also run from a usb flash drive, no need to install it on each machine to run it.

Full details Click Here

Avast AntiVirus Configuration and Scanning

Once Avast Anti-Virus is set up it will run itself, monitoring in realtime and will warn you of any known incoming threats that may compromise your system.

The tutorial videos will show you how to configure Avast and then how to complete a manual scan, although for most of the time the Resident Shield offers superb protection.

Full details Click Here